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Remote-Access Get-Togethers

I find myself struggling to adapt to this strange new remote-access world we have found ourselves in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My salon is shut down (of course), but it has begged the question: How do I best serve my curly sisters during this crisis?

I spent some time in a Skype chat with a few of my Facebook curly friends yesterday. It was so much fun to see each other face-to-face and we spent about two hours just laughing and talking together. The girls gave me a lot of really good ideas and a lot of food for thought.

I am already heads-down working on one project, which I hope to announce in the next several days, and as soon as I get my thoughts organized, I will figure out what else I want to do going forward.

I think it also hit home for me that remote get-togethers are going to be extremely important in the immediate future for everyone, even if we just want to get together one evening and chat about anything and everything. Human connection is critically important right now and I feel blessed we live in a world with technology that allows us to connect with each other.

Can you imagine being isolated at home during the 1918 Flu Pandemic??? :::shudder:::

You can visit my web site at to keep up on our latest updates. I will also be enabling a subscription service that you can sign up for as well.

Please take care and stay safe and have a great and curlicious week ❤️

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