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Live Curly Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the World of Beautiful Curly Hair


Oh, those curls! 
Are you tired of dealing with frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair every day of your life, but don’t know what to do? Are you spending way too many hours online, wading through piles of inconsistent information and conflicting advice on curly hair care? Are you having problems figuring out what is really sensible and straightforward hair advice, not just a thinly-veiled marketing campaign solely aimed at getting you to spend your money on yet one more useless product? 
Shouldn’t learning to care for your curly hair so that it is beautiful and natural be easier than this? 
First published in 2011, Live Curly Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the World of Beautiful Curly Hair by noted curly hair expert Tiffany Anderson Taylor, is the FIRST curly hair how-to publication to take the mystery out of curly hair in easy-to-understand language. This must-have publication provides simple, comprehensive and BRAND-NEUTRAL instruction on how to understand and create the beautiful curls you've always wanted. Information and features include: 

WEATHER: Why dew point and not humidity is the key to understanding how your hair reacts in certain weather, and how you can use this knowledge to


instinctively adjust your curl maintenance routine accordingly.


PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: A look at product ingredients beyond sulfates and silicones, the products ingredients chapter includes vital information on essential oils, humectants, fatty alcohols, petrochemicals, salts, proteins and other primary product ingredients found in today’s hair care products.


PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Handy charts that outline general guidelines that can be used for product selection based on hair porosity, texture, climate and product ingredient suitability.


DEBUNKING CURLY HAIR MYTHS: Some common curly hair myths and the facts behind the fiction.


CURLS AND KIDS: WHAT TO DO IF YOU’VE PASSED IT ON. Have a curly child? Learn how to empower them to love their own curly hair and how to take care of it so they always rock their curls.


Tiffany’s clear and inspirational education will empower you to take control of your own hair destiny and learn how to make intelligent product and care maintenance routine choices based on your own individual needs.


INTRODUCTION – click to read it!


Live Curly, Live Free: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the World of Beautiful Curly Hair

Third Edition

By: Anderson Taylor, Tiffany

Publication Date: November 25, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-5187-0213-6

Pages: 136

Language: English


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