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Since 2007, we have been one of the original naturally curly hair experts in Florida.

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Florida Curls!

The first product line formulated specifically for curly girls who live in Florida!

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The LCLF Cut Club!

Schedule your next haircut appointment before you leave the salon and you'll receive $10 off that cut at your next appointment for pre-booking! 

Ultra-Lite Cut

(dry cut only, no wash or finish)

Pre-book price: $44 (reg. $54)

Curly Lite Cut

(dry cut and wash, no finish)

Pre-book price: $53 (reg. $63)

(Next cut must be scheduled within three months. Appointments that are rescheduled will be charged regular prices. Does not include new client appointments.)

We are located at the corner of Ulmerton and Belcher in the Clearwater/Largo/St. Petersburg area.



Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 10-5

Located inside:

Misfit Curls & More

13453 S. Belcher Rd.

Largo, FL 33771


"Going CG" has become a cumbersome and difficult process that Lorraine Massey, the author of the original "Curly Girl" book, clearly never intended it to be.

Product manufacturers, social media influencers, and vloggers/bloggers have grabbed onto "the Curly Girl Method" and completely over-complicated it, often as a way to make money for themselves by selling their "techniques" and their products and their methods. Curly girls are so overwhelmed nowadays, they can't see the forest for the trees.

However ... do you know what Lorraine said curly girls should do in her original "Curly Girl" book?

1) Don't shampoo. 2) Don't use anything that has a silicone in it. 3) Don't use heat.


A little different than what these influencers and product manufacturers and vloggers would have you believe, huh?

Lorraine published her book in January 2003. Tiffany Taylor, one of our owners, "went Curly Girl" in April 2003, so she has been doing this since virtually the very beginning (even before she was a hairdresser herself!).

In their salon, Tiffany and Donna Taylor believe in teaching curly women how to take it back to basics, to learn how to avoid the marketing traps, and to understand the needs of their hair without being dependent on a particular product or product line.

They don't make you fill out an application to see them. They won't make you submit pictures of your hair, or fill out a questionnaire before they'll book an appointment with you. Once you get past your initial new client appointment, you don't have to pay the full price every single time you come in for a haircut.

They also haven't taken a cookie-cutter class somewhere in order to be listed on some company's website as a "curl specialist" either. They taught themselves how to cut curly hair way back in 2007, and have literally studied their craft for years. That's what real curly hair specialists do.

All those questions you have to answer before you even get in the door at another place? You'll answer them face-to-face right here while you are telling them about your hair Journey, your frustrations, your hopes. They have been handling curly hair for almost 15 years, so there is nothing they haven't seen or heard. Curly girls constantly tell them what a relief it is to sit in their chairs.

THEY KNOW CURLY HAIR, all the way from simple waves to very tightly coiled curls. They don't discriminate against certain types of curls, either—if you have a bend in your hair, they will take you on.


Called "the Curl Whisperer" by her clients, Tiffany has personally educated thousands of women both online and in person on the care and maintenance of their curly hair. Donna is a Master Barber; not only does she cut "typical" curly hair, she also understands how to do men and women with extremely short curly hair. Curly girls (and sometimes, guys!) drive hours to Live Curly Live Free (and even fly in from other states and countries!) for, as one curly client put it, "the best curls I've ever had in my entire life."

Isn't it time YOU learned to live curly and free, too?

Are you a Florida curly girl?

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Curly Girls in Florida

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