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Product Spotlight | Curl Junkie

I couldn't be more thrilled to talk about Curl Junkie products on our Product Spotlight this week! To say I am partial to this product line would be a gross understatement. I have carried Curl Junkie products in my salon since 2009. Marsha Coulton, the owner and founder, runs a tight ship and offers a wonderfully complete line. Let's start with the cleansers. There is Daily Fix, a conditioner cleanser, and Gentle Cleansing shampoo, which offers suds. Both are great products; Although I personally do not care for a no-suds cleanser, women who like a conditioner-like "shampoo" without suds just love it. The conditioners really hit it out of the ballpark. The Argan/Olive Oil conditioner is thick and heavy, protein-free, and is perfect for coarse hair. The Smoothing conditioner is quite similar, again protein-free, but is a bit lighter and is good for medium-textured tresses. The Beauticurls Strengthening conditioner contains a healthy dose of protein and is a definite fan favorite of many fine-haired curlies at Live Curly Live Free. Curl Junkie has two gels, Curls in a Bottle and Curl Queen, which are well-liked as well. Curls in a Bottle is protein-free and Curl Queen contains protein, so while I am not worried about protein in styling products like I am in conditioners, the choice is there if it matters to you. There are other styling and treatment products available, all of which have performed well for us, so I encourage you to check them out. You won't find Curl Junkie on the shelf anywhere but at an authorized retail location, a list of which is available on their web site; however, you can also order directly from them. If you try or have tried Curl Junkie, be sure to let us know what you think!  

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