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Product Spotlight: Not Your Mother's Naturals

I seem to be on a roll finding curly-friendly hair products when I am grocery shopping these days! I spotted Not Your Mother's Naturals on the hair product shelf at my grocery store and was really intrigued by all the different products they had available.

I bought their Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom shampoo and conditioner from their Naturals line and totally loved them. The shampoo did an awesome job of cleaning my hair and the conditioner was nice and thick, with great slip. No protein again in the conditioner, but you can use the protein drops I talked about in an earlier blog to add a few to your conditioner and leave-in if you have fine hair. The conditioner has virtually a 5-star rating with 141 reviews at Ulta as of this writing, so you know that is saying something. The Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom products were from their Naturals Nutrient Rich collection. Other collections in their Naturals line include: Curl Defining, Repair & Protect, Volume Boost, High Moisture and Sea Minerals.

What I do NOT love about this product line, however, is that the product ingredients are not listed on their website. Neither Ulta nor Amazon, who appear to be the biggest sellers of this product line, do not list the product ingredients either. Everything I have seen in the Naturals line indicates that it is silicone- and sulfate-free, but I cannot vouch for all of the stylers that are outside of the Naturals line. Make sure you do your homework.

There are so many styling products that look intriguing, although they are not from the Naturals line and I cannot say they are all curly-friendly. Other than that, there are a lot of them and I don't know where to start. Because our girl Missy has super fine hair that likes to go flat, I spied the Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter (curly-friendly) and snagged it for her. She said it did a fine job of giving her her fine hair lift and volume, but a word of warning: The product made her feel awfully "product-y", which she didn't love a whole lot. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on their Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler to try.

It looks like Ulta and Amazon are your best bets for finding this product, although you might be lucky like me and see some on the shelf at your local grocery store. The price point was comparable to SheaMoisture and the reviews online seem to indicate it is well worth the price.

If you try it out, make sure you leave your comments on our Facebook page at Live Curly Live Free (or here on our blog if you do not have Facebook)! Have a great and curlicious day!

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