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Protein Drops for Fine Hair

We all know about how I feel regarding protein use for fine hair, and if you don't, you haven't been following me very long! I think it is about time for me to do another blog on protein use in the very near future, but this is a Reader's Digest condensed version blog on the use of protein fillers.

In a nutshell, fine hair always needs to have the addition of protein in their conditioners. Shampoos and styling products are another story, so we won't get into them now. But fine hair naturally is kind of limp and flyaway and doesn't like to hold a style well because there is not enough protein manufactured by the hair shaft itself to support its own weight (our hair is 98% protein). The dry tangles that fine-haired curlies feel is often protein deprivation and not lack of moisture. Those of us with medium or coarse curls manufacture plenty of protein on our own, so we don't have those issues.

If you like a conditioner for its moisturizing properties but it does not contain protein, you might want to consider adding a few drops of protein. Neutral Protein Filler by Colorful Products, available at Sally Beauty, is a protein drop product used a lot by hairdressers to add protein during a coloring process to keep it from sustaining damage. Those little drops are also a secret weapon for fine-haired girls with curls to add protein support to their routine.

I would keep the protein drops in your shower and add a few drops to your conditioner or leave-in as required. I dislike pre-mixing products with other ingredients because you can mess up the pH balance and run the risk of messing with your product's preservative balance as well. Ick, who wants green mold growing in their conditioner bottle???

The Neutral Protein Filler is also available with color pre-mixed into it to refresh your color, but frankly, this kind of scares the bejaysus out of me. If you get brave and decide to try it, let us know how it goes, but I would recommend you just stick to the protein filler that is colorless.


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