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Product Spotlight - Love ur Curls and Petal Fresh

I have had two brands hit my radar recently that I am going to blog about. One I have not yet tried, although I have gotten rave reviews from quite a few clients, and one I have personally tried and really liked a lot. So let's get to it.

The first product line, Love Ur Curls from Lus Brands, is one I have not yet personally tried. I have, however, heard from quite a few clients that they have been very pleased with their shampoo and conditioner. The reviews they have gotten online are also generally pretty good as well.

The issue I see with them is the same thing that I see with most products. On their site, you can shop for the Love Ur Curls product line based on wavy, curly and kinky/coily hair types. While that makes sense for product stylers, you know I am adamant about shampoos and conditioners being geared for fine, medium or coarse hair. Honestly, if a company ever decides to finally pay attention to this, I will probably fall over in pure shock.

That said, their conditioners do not contain any protein, which is fine for medium and coarse hair, but problematic for fine locks. If you do have fine hair, you will have to add a few drops of protein to your conditioner to make sure your hair is getting what it needs. I am going to cover protein drops in a separate post.

If you have tried Love Ur Curls, especially their product stylers, drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think.

The second line is called Petal Fresh and the products I tried were from their Petal Fresh Pure collection for body and hair. I was shopping in my local Winn-Dixie for groceries, of all things, and wandered over to see their newly expanded natural products display. I saw the Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner, which you know sold me right away, and automatically checked out the product ingredients. No sulfates, no silicones and no protein, which is a problem for my medium hair anyway.

My hair absolutely loved this stuff. The shampoo left my hair feeling clean and moisturized, but not greasy or heavy. The conditioner was a lot more impressive than the conditioner by Alaffia with good moisture properties and a lot of slip. Petal Fresh has a great web site and is available on Amazon, and they offer quite a bit more than just the Anti-Frizz products.

Again, there is no protein in their conditioners, but the product is great and I definitely recommend you give it a whirl, adding protein as needed. As always, let us know what you think!

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