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Product Alert – Suave Naturals/Essentials Conditioners

Although we are adamantly brand-neutral here at Live Curly Live Free, we are always happy to make product suggestions for our clients based on our no sulfates/no silicones/protein-when-needed philosophy. We have a lot of clients who have long depended on Suave Naturals conditioners as a curly-friendly workhorse of sorts, so we felt it was important to highlight some recent changes to that line.

First of all, parent company Unilever has renamed the entire Suave Naturals line from Suave Naturals to Suave Essentials. While all the conditioners in that line have historically been curly-friendly, that is no longer the case. Unilever now includes two “2-in-1” products and a “Daily Clarifying” product in the Suave Essentials line that are not friendly to curls by our philosophy, so buyer beware! The only conditioners in the line that are still curly-friendly are Tropical Coconut, Rainforest Fresh, Everlasting Sunshine, Waterfall Mist, Ocean Breeze, Juicy Green Apple, Sun-Ripened Strawberry, Wild Cherry Blossom and Aloe & Water Lily. And fine-haired curlies … remember that only the Tropical Coconut contains the protein your curls need, so make sure you are supplementing the other scents with protein drops if you use them.

Also, Unilever has been pushing its new Suave Professionals Infusion lines HARD, which are NOT curly-friendly. Silicone figures prominently in the product ingredient lists, which we know is a curl killer, so steer clear of the Infusion lines.

Happy curls!

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