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It's an $81 Billion Market. Most of It is Hiding Under the Bathroom Sink

BUSTING THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY: How to Turn Your Hair Product Graveyard Into a Hair Product Arsenal, by Tiffany Anderson Taylor, cracks the beauty industry marketing game wide open.

Women all over the world are tired of constantly wasting money buying hair products that don't work and then are banished to live under the bathroom sink. More importantly, women are frustrated because they can't figure out WHY most hair products promise sleek/shiny/sexy/healthy hair, but don't deliver on their marketing promises. "Busting the Beauty Industry" gives them a look into the whole hair product beauty industry marketing game and its traps to finally show them why.

In this book, women can learn a few simple secrets and ensure they never waste a single dollar of their hard-earned money on products full of empty promises and misleading marketing campaigns ever again. Features include:

THE "HAIR PRODUCT GRAVEYARD": Why the collection of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, finishers, deep treatments, and other potions women have purchased over the years, but abandoned after one or maybe just a few uses because they didn’t work, end up taking residence under their bathroom sink.

UNDERSTANDING THE MARKETING GAME: How the marketing game is played within the beauty industry and the “rules” women need to learn so they can see past the fluff of the word hype designed to sell product, regardless if it is good for their hair or not.

DEBUNKING HAIR MYTHS: Common hair myths used by the beauty industry to foster uncertainty and rattle self-esteem, which in turn helps the beauty industry increase product sales.

THE END GAME - CHOOSING A PRODUCT: Putting it all together so women can pick the right products for their particular hair characteristics without ever falling prey to the marketing game again.

Tiffany’s clear and inspirational education will empower women, curly- or straight-haired, to take control of their own hair destiny and learn how to make intelligent product and care maintenance routine choices based on their own individual needs, not deceptive advertising tactics.

Available online at Amazon.

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