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Tiffany Anderson Taylor

Master Hair Stylist and Curly Hair Expert


Tiffany initially didn't grow up with curly hair. When she hit puberty at 13, however, her slight waves started to change until her curly hair made an appearance. At 16, Tiffany hated her dry, snarled, unruly hair so much, she began to straighten it and kept it straight for the next (almost) 20 years. Until she moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, that is. Her curls snickered at her attempts to control them in the subtropical climate of the Gulf Coast. She spent the next few years in ponytails and buns, desperately spending a ton of money in an effort to find something--ANYTHING!--that would help. (You'll have to ask her about the at-home reverse perm she gave herself that burned her hair.)


Tiffany decided to leave her corporate career, follow her dream and become a curly hair stylist after finally figuring her own hair out. She taught herself how to cut curly hair and embraced the art of dry cutting, while experimenting with different product types and product ingredients, all in an effort to teach women around the world how to have beautiful, healthy curls like her affordably. The rest is history!

You can schedule an appointment with Tiffany by contacting us at:


Live Curly Live Free
13453 S. Belcher Rd.

Largo, FL 33771
727.323.CURL (2875)

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