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Hair Analysis Introduction

Understanding how your hair “works” from a hair science perspective is the single most important thing you can ever do for yourself in the world of curly hair. Curly hair care has become trendy over recent years, with a huge number of product manufacturers, web sites, vloggers/bloggers and social media influencers all clamoring for your dollars. Unfortunately, not all of this information is factual or accurate and can even cause you more issues with your curly hair down the road.


Take one very popular curly hair product manufacturer, for example. They decided to market a line of shampoos and conditioners based on your hair's “porosity” (a hair characteristic we will be talking about a little later). The curly hair community fell hook, line and sinker for this marketing ploy and snapped this product line up — not realizing that your porosity has absolutely nothing to do with what products you use.


We see this kind of disinformation and marketing deviousness every day and we figured the best thing we could do for the curly hair community was to give them the facts on curly hair care. That way, they can make their own decisions and advocate for themselves with factual hair science information.


Our hair analysis report (which was written by a licensed cosmetologist and 13-year curly hair expert) is based on a textbook called Milady's Standard Cosmetology, which is used in most state board licensing examinations when new hairdressers apply for a cosmetology license.


We refuse to teach the inaccurate, unscientific “junk science” popular on so many other curly hair sites and we don't throw marketing stardust without substance in your eyes in an effort to lure you into spending your money on products and techniques that are not suitable for curly hair.


Ask yourself this: How many times have you bought a product “for curly hair” based on the marketing description on the bottle or based on what a social media influencer or product manufacturer has told you, only to throw it under your bathroom sink after one or maybe two uses, because it is just one more epic product fail in a long line of product fails?


The global hair care market accounted for $98.66 billion USD in 2019 (Dow Jones MarketWatch, 02/20/2020). Most of the products we curly girls purchased, however, are hiding under our bathroom sinks because we bought them while falling for the same crappy marketing tactics we’ve been scammed by time and time again.


This hair analysis report is our effort to make you a little more educated and a little more savvy about where you spend your dollars so you can avoid dumping more products into your “product graveyard” and simply making the beauty industry rich without any benefit to you.


Use this information to help you understand how hair products actually work and to figure out what products are best for your own hair. Don't be scared about the amount of information here because it is all in bite-size pieces that are easy to understand. You can always visit our fan page at Live Curly Live Free on Facebook and post any additional questions for us that you may have.


If you are a Florida curly girl, you can also feel free to join us in our Facebook group, Curly Girls in Florida.


Let’s get busy.

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