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Your email address will be deleted from our records after your remote hair analysis session takes place and we have sent you your report. We do not retain ANY of this information and you will not start getting promotional emails from us nor will we sell your email address to any third parties. We take your privacy very seriously.

Remote Hair Analysis

Our NEW! remote hair analysis service includes a personal, private 60-minute remote video conference with licensed hair stylist and 13-year curly hair expert Tiffany Taylor. She will interview you, then analyze your hair's texture, porosity and elasticity based on both her visual observations and a series of targeted questions based on hair science.

Within the 60-minute time frame, Tiffany can answer any other questions you might have on the care and health of your curly hair.

After your session, Tiffany will send you an approximate 15-page report that will include:


* Your own hair characteristics information (texture, porosity, elasticity) based on your session with Tiffany

* Information on product ingredients and product types

* The product types best suited for your particular hair characteristics (based on your analysis)

* Weather information

* Links to actual product recommendations for your hair type

* "Basic Steps to Doing the 'CG' Method" instructions

Tiffany is NOT a paid ambassador or social media influencer for any product manufacturers. She receives no compensation for any product recommendations she makes.



1.  Click the "BOOK NOW" link to the left and book your video chat remote session with Tiffany.

2.  Email Tiffany at AFTER you have booked your remote hair analysis session and AFTER you have prepaid for the scheduled service (see Step 3).


In the email, you should specify 1) the email address or the user name you used to make payment and, 2) the payment method you chose (Step 3) so we can make sure you are given proper credit. 

3.  The following forms of payment are accepted for this service:

Through PAYPAL (website or app):
Send payment of $55.00 to:

In the VENMO app:
Pay $55.00 to: Tiffany Taylor@The-Curl-Whisperer

4.  The email address you use to contact Tiffany with your payment information is the also the email address she will use to initiate the video chat session with you at your session appointment time.

5.  PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE FOR YOUR SCHEDULED VIDEO CHAT SESSION. Tiffany will initiate a video chat with you promptly at your scheduled appointment time.

6.  Tiffany uses Skype for video chats, but you are NOT required to have your own Skype account in order to have a Skype video chat with her. As long as Tiffany has your email address, she can initiate a Skype chat with you even if you do not have Skype yourself.

7. You must come to your session prepared with hair that is clean, dry, product-free and in its naturally curly condition.

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